The Chicago Rideshare Advocate's Legislative Agenda

We are a Labor advocacy group made up of passionate & experienced Chicago rideshare drivers working to build a better future for fellow road warriors in the Windy City. We have been working the streets for Sidecar, Lyft, Uber, and Via for upwards of 5 years. Some of our members were the among the first round of drivers to start working in the rideshare industry here back in 2013-2014. We have been active in the industry networks for years and many of us have spent a lot of our time organizing driver help groups and social events over the years. Some of our members have a history of working with city halls form Elgin to Chicago on behalf of fellow drivers going back as far as 2014. We have also worked with various media outlets form The New York TimesOver the last year or so the industry began to change drastically as Uber and Lyft became more cutthroat in their attempt to boost profits as they race towards their IPOs. These changes have almost all come from squeezing more and more from drivers while paying less and less. The whole transportation market in Chicago is suffering because of this. Safety and pay are down. Drivers are becoming more desperate and working more hours in run down vehicles just to try and stay above water as Uber and Lyft take more and more. It was because of these changes over the last year that many of drivers decided to band together and work for change to balance the scales. Beginning in the summer and fall of 2018 we made it official and began our grassroots campaign for reform. The time is now for drivers from across the industry here in Chicagoland to unite and band together. Let our voices be heard